Facility Hours

Tools of the Trade

You have a job to get done. Your daily workout. That job requires tools. Depending on the job you're doing those tools change. We have been building out and tweaking the tool box since 1983. Listing everything we've got (free weights, functional, fixed machines, lots of cardio, turf area blah...blah...blah) would be a bit boring, so we won't do it! Trust us, we've got the tools.

Kid's Club

Ages Newborn - 11 years Our Kids Club's purpose is to provide a safe, clean, fun environment so you can go get your sweat on. We will keep them busy with crafts, games and play. We even change diapers so you can keep sweating and have a sweet smelling kid when you come back.

The Shake Bar

We know how important taste is. Our shakes taste damn good. We use all natural and organic ingredients and you can add boosters of all kinds to customize your own personal shake. We'll even name it after you. What if we told you to add kale, spinach and psyllium to your berry drink? Would you do it? You should. It tastes awesome.