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Daiam’s Leg Day Routine

Daiam‘s got the perfect routine to power-up your leg day! If you’re not sure how to do any exercises, click the link for a brief demonstration.

Warm Up


Perform all six exercises and repeat the circuit for four rounds. Rest for twenty seconds after each exercise and one min after each round.

  • Weighted Walking Lunges — 10 reps each side
    • Hold weights to each side and pause between steps to regain stability.
  • Jump Rope — 30 Seconds
  • Single-leg Deadlift — 10 reps each side
    • Hold weight on the same side as the leg doing the lifting. Be sure to use controlled motion to return the weight to the floor!
  • Squat Jacks — 30 seconds
  • Stability Ball Hip Thrusts — 20 reps
    • Allow head, neck, and shoulders to rest on the ball, drop hips as low as possible and raise.
  • Explosive Step-ups — 30 seconds, alternating legs
    • Begin with one foot fully on the box and explode to raise yourself onto the box, return to the floor and switch legs.

Cool Down

End your workout with a 10-15 minutes of bicycle at 75% intensity.

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