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Full Body TRX Workout

​Happy fall! Time to get back in a schedule and maybe try something new…..
Here is a quick full body TRX strap workout that uses your core the whole time.  If you would like to try a 30 min group TRX workout, Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 is a great lunch session with Kari!
(TRX mid-strap length)
Squat to pull  x20
Alternating lunge back x20​
V-turn for abs and back x20
Sumo Squat jump x20
Bicep curl x20
Side to side Lunge x20
Tricep ext x20
Suspended single leg squat x15 each
Suspended legs push up x20
Planking mountain climber x20


If you have any questions about any of the moves, grab a trainer! (:


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