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PUSH! – A Workout By Grant McHaney




10 Handstand Pushups or Overhead Press

20 Dips / Assisted Dips or Bench Dips

30 Pushups / Knee Pushups or Bench Pushups

3 Rounds for time




10 Inverted row

20 TRX Curls or Bicep curls

30 Pullups or Assisted Pullups or Pulldowns

3 Rounds for time


A stopwatch is preferred for these workouts so you can tell exactly how long you take. There are no scheduled rest beaks. As soon as you finish a round you start right on the next one. However, BREAK WHERE IS NEEDED FOR YOU. If your biceps are hurting like someone lit them on fire (they will feel like someone lit them on fire) then rest, shake it out and then continue. If you get only one rep at a time then keep trucking a long : )

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