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Introducing New Trainer Grant Mchaney..

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Who is that odd gingerly looking fellow in the picture you ask? Why that is me. My name is Grant McHaney and I can tell you one thing that has brought me joy in my life time. Exercise!!

      For me I never thought of physical activity as a fun thing to do when I was younger. It wasn’t till my last two years in high school I decided to finally workout. I started doing only one pull up, could barely do 20 pushups and there was no way I could finish a mile in under 13 minutes. Now I can do 27 pull ups. 110 push ups and I can run 6 miles in 42 minutes (7 minute pace). I smile whenever I think back on where I started. Originally I started doing a lot of cardio and weightlifting with my father at 5am. From there I took my fitness to doing martial arts and excelled at it. After that I tried out for the cheerleading team at High School.
      Yes ladies and gentlemen, I was a cheerleader. Not too long later I did my first triathalon, my feet went numb at one point. Later I went and joined the Air Force Special Forces Pararescue. I was in there for two years and had the time of my life and got discharged in September of 2010. From there I went on my own running tour through the middle of Rome itself with my step father. Returned and decided to get a CrossFit Certification for my birthday. Proceeding that I obtained my Personal Trainers Certification from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). Now I am here in Wenatchee looking to do some good with my knowledge and experience. For me exercise became part of my life and at first I hated it and yes, sometimes neglected it. However, I always came back to it. It has been one of the greatest things in my life and I thank my Father for that gift. Now I am hoping to not just train people but help people improve their quality of life. I believe in having fun with workouts and guarantee my clients will see results. I know what it is like to start at not being able to do almost anything physical to being in the top physical shape on a Special Forces Team. So if you are looking to have some fun at the gym and get great results. Then give me a call, email, text, video message, sticky note or make an appointment and I would be delighted to start training you or you and a couple of friends.

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