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The Hottest Workout I’ve Ever Had – Vinnie Van Wyk

Vinnie Van Wyk – NASM-CPT


Recently I had the distinct privilege to travel to Nicaragua. There, I was involved in some ministry work, including spending time with some of the local kids. In an adjacent part of the house (that also acted as the garage) were handmade iron weights, axles and wheels to be used as barbells, and a couple benches.

When they found out I am a “teacher of exercise,” they insisted on me showing them a workout. So without delay, we were warming up (mind you, we were already sweating more than I ever have due to the humidity) and on our way to a Special Forces workout designed just for them. All put forth great effort, grunting and laughing. But within 10mins, they were showing signs of fatigue. However, they wanted to keep going! After that, they killed me in beach volleyball and soccer. I guess to them, that made us even.

It was a fantastic opportunity. It shows fitness can do things you never imagine if you let it. There was something about taking a workout from here within Gold’s and showing to third-world kids over 4,000 miles away. Empowering. They got to see a taste of here and I see how they were all without any words.

With 90 percent humidity, it was without a doubt though…the HOTTEST workout I’ve ever had!

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