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Duathlon Training

Just an update on group cyling/running for fun and for event preparation!!!

Try and get 2 days per week of general resistance training, core, stability and strength.

Week of March 1st duathlon training schedule would be Run 2-4miles ( or more if you are not just starting )on one day and rpm class or Bike a 10 mile ride ( or more ) on another day.

Then Sat march 6th we are Meeting at 7am ON WENATCHEE side for a short Treadmill warm up and then the rpm class at 7:15 and then outdoor run on loop trail.

Then the schedule is as follows…..

Run 3-5 miles once

Bike 10-13 once

Sat March 13 7am Wenatchee Treadmill 30min, Bike the loop, run 30min.

Run 4-6 miles once

Bike 13-15 once

Sat March 20 9am at Wenatchee – OUTDOOR Bootcamp, then bike Loop trail

Run 4-6 once

Bike 15/ run 3 once

Sat March 27 9am Wenatchee outdoor Bootcamp and bike Loop trail plus part of course…….can bike before on your own or after bootcamp with me.

Run 5-6

Bike 15-17/run 3

Sat April 3 9am wenatchee outdoor Bootcamp and bike the course !

Run 4-6/rpm class or bike 15-18


SAT April 10th RACE DAY!!! register by thursday April 8th!!!

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