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The “500” Workout

“The 500”- 

Give this workout a try and let us know wht you think!

In each category you find three lifts and rotate the three continuously in reps of 10-20 until you reach 100 reps total.  The workout should total 500 reps using 100 reps from each category.

 100 reps of pushes:  Choose three lifts of pushing weight (push-ups, shoulder press, bench press, incline bench, dumbbell press, etc.).

 Rest 2 minutes maximum

 100 reps of pulls: Choose three lifts of pulling weight (pull-ups, lat pulls, seated rows, upright rows, bent over row, straight arm pull down, etc.).

Rest 2 minutes maximum

100 reps of arms:  Choose three lifts involving biceps, triceps, and forearms (dumbbell curls, cable curls, cable extensions, skull crushers, forearm curls, etc.).

 Rest 2 minutes maximum

 100 reps of legs:  Choose three lifts involving leg muscles (squats, lunges, calf raises, step-ups, leg curls, etc.).

 Rest 2 minutes maximum

 100 reps of core:  Choose three lifts involving core muscles (crunches, leg lifts, knee raise, reaching sit ups, body planks, etc.).

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