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CSPI’S Nutrition Action Healthletter

If you’re looking for sound, un-biased food, nutrition, and health information you should try the Nutrition Action Healthletter, published by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). The CSPI is a non-profit health advocacy group, which mounts educational programs and presses for changes in government and corporate policies.

Published 10 times a year, the Healthletter offers a wealth of information in only 15-20 pages. I find myself always reading it from cover to cover, and learning something in every issue. The writing is intelligent, while reader friendly to those without Nutrition degrees, and in certain sections delightfully funny.

My favorite section is called “Right Stuff, and Food Porn”. It’s not usually a comparison of two similar products. Rather, one product has the ‘Right Stuff’, meaning it’s heathly, and the advertising is trueful, while the other, the ‘Food Porn’ product is largely unhealthy but the buyer would not necessarily assume that based on the packaging and advertising. And although written with a sense of humor I believe the writers are challenging, and encouraging you to make an informed decision about the food you buy.

And fast, yet very informative and entertaining read!

You can learn more about CSPI’S Nutrition Action Healthletter at www.cspinet.org.


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