Your Workout

Temporary Closure

Amidst the emerging the recommendations of health professionals regarding COVID-19, we will not be curtailing our operations on Tuesday, we will be shutting down. We will target a 2-week timeframe, but are prepared for longer. We will be freezing everyone’s dues so that you will not be paying for a time you did not have access.

IMPORTANT: If you are a senior member at Worx and are isolated, please let us know of any errands to run or anything else we might help with. You can e-mail our GM Katie High at katieh@yourworkoutrx (dot) com for your help request [or click here].

More details are available on this post and our Facebook page.

Your new Saturday

Group Fitness

Your in-gym routine is critical for creating an exercise habit. But it takes expertise to design the details. We’ve done it for you with Group Fitness. Friendships, mentors, group accountability, fun (and probably sweat and work) – that’s how you build a habit. Come as you are, toil with others, leave a little better.

You are your own

Training You

Your trainer is your coach, counsel, and collaborator. We believe in YOUR goals. At the start of your fitness journey, being pushed too hard can keep you from getting where you want to go. When should you go real hard? When you are ready and when high-intensity training matches your goals. Trust us. We know what we’re doing.